Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Welcome to Taylor Network Services

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Christopher Scott Taylor and I specialize in computer and network repair, diagnostics and implementation in the Mid-Valley. I am available for consulting in business or residential and would glad to help find the right solutions for your needs. In addition to fixing computers, I can helpfully resolve problems by preventing them in the first place via preventive maintenance and helpful tips. Website design is another service offered. I have been building websites for a long time and have used a lot of different technologies. If you or your company is in the need of web presence I can help.
If you need help feel free to contact me.


Computer Support

Need help with a computer? I have over 10 years experience in computer repair. I can setup a new computer, install software, optimize your system, recover lost data, and perform general troubleshooting and repair.


By setting up a network in your business or home you can share files, printers and an internet connection between multiple computers. I can setup a wired or wireless network for you or get an existing network diagnosed and repaired. A network can help you save money by several computers sharing a single printer instead of a small printer on every desk. If all files are stored at a single location you can save time looking for a document and make backups a lot easier.

The Role of Memory in Your Computer

A computer is made up of three main components, the central processing unit (CPU), the hard drive, and random access memory (RAM).

To understand the function of each component, let's think back to pre-computer days when your workspace consisted of just you, your desk, and your filing cabinet.

Now, think of your computer in those same terms. You are the CPU. You decide what you are going to work on and how hard you're going to work. Your file cabinet is your hard drive. It's where you store all the stuff you may not need every day, but important stuff that you want access to at any given moment. And your desk is the RAM, the memory. If your desk is small, you can only work on a few things at a time. If you want to work on something new, first you'll have to take something off your desk and file it away to make room.

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How much memory do you need?

When it comes to adding system memory, the general rule of thumb is the more, the better.

On average, doubling the amount of memory in your system will give you ample "space" to work and will make an obvious difference in overall speed. This is especially with today's memory-hungry applications such as office programs, multimedia editing packages, and graphics-intensive games. More memory allows you to run more programs at once, and your favorite programs will be easier to use.

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Smartphone viruses - threats, malwares and cures

Brave new world - the smartphones are taking over

Smartphones are a craze that's sweeping the world, and we are yet to see any indication this is going to change in the foreseeable future. This can only be a good thing - it gives you the chance to have the computer you dreamt of a few years ago in your pocket and do all the fancy stuff you want to do while on the go. Mind, this is only the beginning and these smart devices are getting better all the time, so more features are on the way - and more features translate into more opportunities, while more opportunities ensure that we are going to store additional and potentially sensitive information on our smartphones. And here comes the issue with smartphone security - a problem that is grossly underestimated by most users, which is really surprising given the fact that a few viruses have already managed to breach the security of various mobile OSs.

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