Monday, February 26, 2018
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Virus or Spyware Removal

Slow performance? Internet Exployer errors or lockup? Pop-up advertisements? Home pages has changed?

Email or Internet access a lot slower? System locks up? Viruses and Spy-ware is one of the main reasons for a slow computer and pop-up advertisements. I will identify and repair your system against future infections I will also provide all the software needed.


Smartphone viruses - threats, malwares and cures

Brave new world - the smartphones are taking over

Smartphones are a craze that's sweeping the world, and we are yet to see any indication this is going to change in the foreseeable future. This can only be a good thing - it gives you the chance to have the computer you dreamt of a few years ago in your pocket and do all the fancy stuff you want to do while on the go. Mind, this is only the beginning and these smart devices are getting better all the time, so more features are on the way - and more features translate into more opportunities, while more opportunities ensure that we are going to store additional and potentially sensitive information on our smartphones. And here comes the issue with smartphone security - a problem that is grossly underestimated by most users, which is really surprising given the fact that a few viruses have already managed to breach the security of various mobile OSs.

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